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Gothic History by Anubis

Compre agora mesmo Collection Gothic Videos

Adquira nossos DVD´s Convenção das Bruxas

Convenção das Bruxas Video Collection

Entregamos para todo Brasil (via correio) Preço unitário: R$ 12,00*

*já incluso despesas com correio

Contatos e pedidos:


Atenção promoção: Adquirindo os 6 volumes você só paga R$ 50,00 reais com despesas de correio grátis.

Se preferir compre pessoalmente (somente em São Paulo) venda exclusiva nas lojas abaixo:

* LOJAS PROFECIAS: Rua 24 de maio, 62 - Loja 214 Centro/SP (Galeria do Rock)

** LOJA COMBAT ROCK: Rua Barão de Itapetininga, 37 - Rua Alta Loja 66 - Centro/SP


Siouxsie & Banshees - Red Light
The Cure - Just Like Heaven
The Sisters of Mercy - 1959
X Mal Deutschland - Matador
Christian Death - Romeo´s Distress
H.I.M. - Wicked Game
Rammstein - Engel
Marilyn Manson - Rock is Dead
Switchblade Symphony - Clown
Blutengel - Vampire Romance
Das Ich - Cain & Abel
Clan of Xymox - Louise
Diary of Dreams - The Curse
Vive La Fete - Noir Desir

Convenção das Bruxas vol.2

Sarah Brightman - Phantom of the Opera
Tears for Fears - Pale Shelter
New Order - Blue Monday
Depeche Mode - Walking in My Shoes
Cruxshadows - Winterborn
Goethes Erben & Peter Heppner - Glasgarten
Das Ich - Reanimat
Silke Bischoff - Felix in The Sky
Project Pitchfork - Existence
London After Midnight - Kiss
Tiamat - Brighter Than The Sun
The 69 Eyes - Brandon Lee
Lacrimosa - Sichst Du Mich in Licht?

Convenção das Bruxas vol.3

Era - Volare Mezzo
Enigma - Mea Culpa
The White Zombie - I´m Your Boogie Man
Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus
Rammstein - Sonne
Alien Sex Fiend - Ignore Machine
Madonna - Frozen
Desireless - Voyage Voyage
Corpus Delicti - Absent Friend
Die Krupps - Fatherland
Camouflage - The Great Command
Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi´s Dead
Poesie Noire - Dejavu
The Sisters od Mercy - Temple of Love
Diary of Dreams - The Curse

Convenção das Bruxas vol.04


Enya - The Celts
Massive Attack - Teardrop
Cocteau Twins - Crushed
Dead Can Dance - Yulunga
Faun - Egil Saga
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
Joy Division - Transmition
Hocico - Untold Blasphemies
In Strict Confidence - Engelsstaub
Welle Erdball - Arbeit Adelt
Blutengel - Navigator
Combichrist - This Shit Will Fuck You Up
De Vision - Try To Forget
Wolfsheim - Once In a Lifetime
Switchblade Symphony - Gutter Glitter

Convenção das Bruxas vol.05

Lacrimosa - Stolzes Herz
Seraphim Shock - After Dark
Marylin Manson - Sweet Dreams
(anime silent hill x resident evil version)
L´Âme Immortelle - Gefallen
Faith & Muse - Patience Worth
Cruxshadows - Cruelty
Siouxsie & Banshees - Israel (live)
Fields of Nephilim - Psychonaut
Smashing Pumpkins - Adore
The Smiths - Stop Me If You Think
You´ve Heard This One Before
Depeche Mode - Home
Michael Jackson - Thriller (version 2009)
Icon of Coil - Come Alive
VNV Nation - Honour 2003
The Eternal Afflict - San Diego
Dive - Sidewalk Sinner

LANÇAMENTO 2011 -  Convenção das Bruxas vol.06

Marilyn Manson - This is Halloween
BlutEngel - Dancing in The Light
Diary of Dreams - The Widding
The Frozen Autumn - Is Everything Real

And One  - Sex Drive

The Wolfsheim - The Sparrows and Nightingales
Clan of Xymox - Michelle
Two Witches - Irresistible
Staisailor - Four to The Floor remix
Röyksopp - What Else is There
Placebo - Every You Every Me
Kirlian Camera - Blue Room
The Sundays - Here´s Where The Story Ands 
Blondie - Maria
The Sisters of Mercy - Black Planet
Iggy Pop - Candy
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up

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